Explore The Greatness of Spill Not Coffee Mug Holder

Walking with carrying hot beverage and drink from food making the place to destination seems like an easy task, but for most of us it just merely fail to do it without getting spilled. The revolutionary physics invention that well knew as the Spill Not coffee mug holder provides the perfect solution for the walk carrying hot beverages and drink for the long distance and duration without spilling a drop of them. The This pure hanging saucer product is handy for carrying filled mugs, glasses even the small bowls.

Coffee Mug Holder

Furthermore, the Spill Not is included with the non-slip coaster that has the function to protect furniture even works as a jar opener. The design of the hanging cup holder to bind the cup or the small bowl solidly on the product base, so it is difficult to spill the content of any container and the small bowl that included on it. The Spill Not is guaranteed to keep you dry, stopping your uniform from getting stained, and prevent the people from being scalded by the hot beverage. Check out the details of the great invention of the Spill Not mug holder in the article.

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Complete Information of Spill Not Coffe Mug Holder

The Spill Not is the best invention that allows you to carry your favorite drink and beverages anytime anywhere without any annoying splashes that will bring the stained to your places and uniform. Find out the incredible capability of this product in the information down below.

  • The Spill Not Product Characterized

The Spill Not coffee cup holders are made up from the curved plastic base with the feature of woven nylon strap handle that you can slip hand on it,non slip coster. The product structurized by the hard stand that perfectly located at the centered alongside with the grippy bottom and supple, loose handle that can function to suitable with any holder carrying position so it can be nearly impossible to lose even a sing drop out from your cup or small bowl.

  • The Spill Not Dimension and Concept

The device is made with the dimension measure for about 7.5 inches tall, 6,25 inches widest point and 4,5 inches for the broad fundamental base. In this dimension, it can carry the cup or glass with the measure of 4.5 inches full that can be used by adult and children either with hot and cold drinks or another beverage. The conception of this mug holder ideas is work utilizing the flow of physics especially centripetal force which if you are moving this mug holder with the downward force it will go to the base of this base instrument.

  • The Spill Not Product Capability

The Spill Not Coffe Mug Holder have the capability of the perfect balance that will prevent the lateral force for the drink container, so the liquid inside them to spilling. The Spill Not can be swung all the way in a loop without liquid inside the drink container pour out easily

  • The Spill Not Product Price

The Spill Not Product is sold in major stores across the American and Europe mainland. Also, it trades on the online website of the company based in Virginia with the named of ThinkGeek.com. The coffee mugs and holder it runs the cost around $14 or £10

The Spill Not Coffe Mug Holder is the best invention that will perfect the way to stabilize your drink and beverages transportation into the another especially to the more extended range and keep the content safely. Even if you spill, it has the little absorbent coaster to catch and soak up any spill escape from the drink and beverages container. Be sure to try and maximize the using of the great Spill Not product.

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