Cute Shabby Chic Kitchen To Decorate House? Why Not?

Having a great kitchen will boost the mood of cooking since it will make you more passionate while working in your kitchen. There are plenty of kitchen designs that could suit your desire, such the futuristic kitchen designed which are designed for those who love the simplicity and the elegance of a kitchen. The second one could be the old and vintage kitchen such as a Shabby chic kitchen that is one of the things you might want to consider. This is the best design if you do want to make the kitchen looks more vintage and immerse yourself in 1900 ish. There are a lot of furniture to buy if you do want to choose this design.


Shabby Chic Kitchen


Several Examples of The Old Rustic Kitchen

Having a Shabby chic kitchen, it means like you have a rustic and very oldish kitchen design that even surpasses the term vintage itself, which is around 60 to 70’s. Having a chic home décor and kitchen, it means that you will imagine yourself working with the 1900’s home appliances since they are all rusted and shabby. But there are a lot of people that such a design, and therefore this design is one of the most famous kitchen design ever made. Here are several examples of the chic kitchen ideasthat you can obtain.

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  1. Salvaged cabinet

This is an ancient looking design, such the name implies. It really looks like an old ship that is recovered and used for the kitchen design. The former cabinet contains several plates and glasses that you can use,  but perhaps it is not a very good idea since the dishes are so old and the current meal culture is no longer suitable with such design, which demands more simplistic approach of the recipes. But you can use the cabinet for the other purposes rather than just sitting there are become cosmetic for your kitchen only.

  1. Rustic kitchen island

This kind of design is the whole level design applied to almost all of the kitchen appliances, from the table to the bowl.  You will have the very old 1900’s feeling and atmosphere when you are working in such a kitchen, which is great and nostalgic. The rustic kitchen design will provide you with the rustic tabled design, several chandeliers, plates, bowl and so forth. If you want to attract your guest, then this is the best design for your country chic kitchen.

  1. Vintage restaurant supply shelves

If you ever go to the old restaurant or the excellent restaurant, then they will have the antique chic decorshelves that are very iconic for them. You can now have that too since IKEA is selling them and you can obtain them. The shelves actually have a useful purpose such as storing the ingredients or seasoning, etc. the shelves it looks so vintage therefore it could embellish your kitchen pretty well.

  1. Display vintage collection

This design is just for the show. The collection what we mean here is just a set of tables and several iconic and vintage home appliances that no longer suitable for the kitchen operations nowadays. But you can change these items to the more practical and more useful rather than becoming the cosmetics only.

The Shabby chic kitchen is excellent, but what is more important is to maintain and to take care of your kitchen so that it will look better. Good tip if you want to make the decoration last longer, you should keep cleaning it since the color of shabby chic is pastel that is more easily stained.

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